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Corné Niemandt

M.Sc. candidate in Plant Science, Department Plant Science, University of Pretoria Supervisor: Dr. Michele Greve (UP)

Corné studied ecology as an undergraduate, focusing on the fields of conservation and restoration. In his honours year he worked on the restoration of the mining-impacted coastal dune forests at Richards Bay, as well as on the diet and demography of two penguin species from Bouvetøya, Southern Ocean.


Historical, current and future anthropogenic impacts on sub-tropical vegetation of a highly threatened grassland complex in Limpopo, South Africa

Description: My MSc focuses on human impacts on the critically endangered Woodbush Granite Grassland in Limpopo. Specifically, I am investigating land use changes and habitat fragmentation theory over spatial and temporal scales; how this affects species richness and functional diversity; and the impacts of invasive alien plants along roadsides adjacent to various land use changes. It is well known that restoration efforts in grasslands are time consuming and that this system is difficult to restore to its natural state. Therefore, conserving what is left is crucial. However, this becomes increasingly complex as climate change is favouring the expansion of woody species.

When not in office, Corné enjoys travelling our beautiful country and spending time with friends and family. He enjoys running, reading and camping in the bush or close to a beach.

Corné Niemandt
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